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time into May, with the arrival of hot summer marathon has gradually entered the off-season, throughout June, the domestic formal marathon is only 2-3 field, compared with the number of a few months before the hundreds of ten games, in the upcoming marathon participants are called "forbidden season" in the season, due to the hot weather and running environment with further bad climate change brought about a series of problems, will have to run the safety of participants and health care can not be ignored buried hidden trouble. A rainy day, in front of a pile of a pile of Marathon "sudden death" the tragedy of the past, the safety factor to evaluate the professional event? How to establish a complete first aid system? How to subdivide the responsibilities of the players in the event preparation? This will become a serious and unavoidable reality for the major marathon events in China.

, how to carry out the rescue in the golden four minutes is the most difficult part of the domestic marathon race, and is also the key to improve the survival rate. The first responder team in Shanghai (hereinafter referred to as the first responder) founder Lu Le said, "under these conditions, the professional first-aid team has shown the value."

, the sudden death of the marathon is mostly due to sudden cardiac arrest. It may be unavoidable, but it can make the tragedy happen as little as possible by timely rescue. Li Yongsheng, a well-known marathon expert and director of the head of the American Heart Association, told the twenty-first Century economic reporter.

half a month ago, the Shaanxi Yangling marathon, the first time this year, the tragedy of the sudden death of the first player is sixth cases of this kind of accident since last year, far higher than the international marathon race.

is also, therefore, the leader of Lu Yue and many marathon operations organizations told the twenty-first Century business reporter that as the marathon race becomes more and more popular in China, the business professional emergency team will be more and more needed.

gold four minutes

Ni Zhenchu, who had fallen off the ground at the Shanghai marathon event last year, was still reminiscent of his memories of the time.

, "I was blank at the time, and I didn't remember what happened during the accident. Later, the doctor told me that the scene was handled properly, and I was lucky enough to survive." Ni Zhenchu told the twenty-first Century economic reporter.

he did not remember that recollection that was restored to the first response founder, Lu Le, at the time of the event's emergency rescue. Lu Le recalls, when Chu Chu fell to the ground, the first aid patient gave him cardiopulmonary resuscitation at the fastest speed, and then put an automatic defibrillator on him.

although Ni Zhenchu was finally rescued, there were 6 sudden deaths in marathon since last year. How to strengthen medical support in competitions has become the top priority of all organizing committees.

"gold four minutes" refers to the player.

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